The Bird King and other sketches

The Bird King is a collection of various sketches: random jottings, preliminary designs for book, film and theatre projects, sketchbook pages and drawings from life. Each of these represent some aspect of a working process, whereby stories generally evolve from visual research and free-wheeling doodles. They are also 'unfinished' pieces created in a single sitting, not originally intended for publication, and for that reason perhaps more revealing of a personal style (and particular obsessions) than other more polished artwork.

128 pages long, and in a format that emulates my actual sketchbooks, The Bird King includes some written thoughts on the practice of drawing and explanatory notes for each image. Published by Window Hollow Books in Melbourne, with forthcoming editions in Germany (Carlsen Verlag) and UK (Templar).

Teachers Notes relating to The Bird King can be downloaded here.

A parrafin-oil powered koala

'The Eight Eggs' graphite and coloured pencil

'Anthropologists' and 'Automatic Teller', pencil.

'Most of the time Eric seemed more interested in small things he discovered on the ground.'

'Coral Tree, Bundanon' ink and pastel crayon on grey paper

Endpaper designs - a page from Eric's private notebooks?

preliminary sketch for The Rabbits, 'They came by water', pencil

Sketches from the Anthropology Museum, Mexico City, ballpoint pen