What Miscellaneous Abnormality Is That?

This is a companion volume to the short animated film, The Lost Thing, ostensibly a guidebook for the identification of 'things that just don't belong', published by the FDOE (Federal Department of Odds and Ends), but which has long since fallen out of popular use due to a lack of public interest. With the release of the DVD in November 2010, however, it seemed as good a time as any to dust off the government's printing press one last time for the 257th edition.

In truth, this small 50-page book, included as part of an original slipcase limited edition of the Lost Thing DVD (unfortunately, no longer available), is largely composed of my original conceptual drawings for creatures which appear briefly in the film. The title is taken from an imaginary book that appears in the film, in the workshop of the narrator's best friend, Pete.

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'Most of the time Eric seemed more interested in small things he discovered on the ground.'

Endpaper designs - a page from Eric's private notebooks?