Tales From Outer Suburbia

Tales from Outer Suburbia is an anthology of fifteen very short illustrated stories. Each one is about a strange situation or event that occurs in an otherwise familiar suburban world; a visit from a nut-sized foreign exchange student, a sea creature on someone’s front lawn, a new room discovered in a family home, a sinister machine installed in a park, a wise buffalo that lives in a vacant lot. The real subject of each story is how ordinary people react to these incidents, and how their significance is discovered, ignored or simply misunderstood.

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'water buffaloes are like that; they hate talking.'

'He was saying the same sentence over and over, ending with "tasoo-ke-te, tasoo ke-te."'

'It floats gently above suburban rooftops... inspiring lonely dogs to bark in the middle of the night.'

'We were young and full of confidence, always in a hurry too.'

'It opened into another room altogether... an impossible room somewhere between the others.'

'The fire burned with astonishing intensity.'

'We only have to wash and wax our missile on the first Sunday of every month.'

'He told us to just call him "Eric"'

'How great it must have been long ago, when the world was still unknown.'

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