The Arrival - Red Leap Theatre: New Zealand, 2011

Red Leap's production of The Arrival, directed by Julie Nolan and Kate Parker, is an intriguing adaptation of my wordless book to the stage, featuring large scale puppetry, dance and a complex physical performance involving 10 actors. Occasionally these performers become part of the environment itself, assuming the qualities of household furnishings, doors, falling rain, and shifts in scale and perspective become important narrative devices (as they are in the book). The sense of a sustained metaphor I tried to capture in my own drawings is excellently expressed through the use of strange language, papery landscapes from another world, abstracted phsyical gestures, atmospheric lighting and sound.

This is the second time that The Arrival has be adapted for the stage, and quite unlike Spare Parts Puppet Theatre's own very original approach.

Crew and Cast

Julie Nolan – Director
Kate Parker – Imagery and Cast
Lauren Hughes – Producer
John Verryt – Set
Andrew McMillan – Music
Elizabeth Whiting – Costume
Jeremy Fern – Lighting
Simon Coleman – Props

The Arrival’s devising cast included Jarod Rawiri, Alison Bruce, Chris Graham, Sally Stockwell, Justin Haiu, Jared Turner, Tahi-Mapp Borren, Ella Becroft and Tama Jarman.


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